Coaching and counselling can sometimes be very close modalities. Counselling deals with specific problems, difficulties, or dysfunctions whilst Coaching assists the individual in realising un-achieved goals, reaching and surpassing areas of dissatisfaction, re-working goals, and objectives and deciding on new plans of attack.

Whether its business, career, life or relationship coaching we can help you.


1. Career Coaching

Career advancement does not always occur for those of us who work hard, remain loyal and meet targets. It can also be about recognizing opportunities, doing the right research, analyzing the competition and at the right time selling yourself appropriately to the right strategic contact.

If you feel like you are in a dead end position, have been passed over one too many times or because your organisation does not reward equally then it might be time to muster your resources to achieve a different outcome. If you need help in the below areas we can assist you:-
a) Career advancement
b) How to source the hidden employment market.
c) Networking skills.
d) How to put yourself ahead of the pack.
e) Writing winning letters and CV’s
f) Career changes and upskilling

2. Business Coaching

In the business world we are continually learning and evolving which leads to career enhancement, new responsibilities, more people management and eventually promotion. Sometimes, in any of these areas we come up against an issue that no matter how hard we try we cannot seem to resolve. Just because you have come to the end of your knowledge on the topic does not mean that an answer is not available. This is where coaching can assist you. Whether its a simple people management issue or a complete re-structure we can help.

Having a combined business experience of well over 50 years we have dealt with large and small business issues and believe we have the skill, knowledge and expertise to assist you.

3. Life Coaching

Life coaches help others to reach their full potential in life, by helping clients in realise their direction by aligning their core values and determining their goals. If you’re looking to passionately sustain motivation, increase your confidence and energy then life coaching can help.  Our Life Coaching services works to guide the client by providing insight and direction towards living the life you want. We can support you with guidance with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions.

4. Mentoring

Our high impact strategic mentoring may be used to equip you and your businesses to do better and flourish in a diverse workforce as you learn to face the challenges thereof.  Our services are designed to help you have a dramatic effect on the workplace culture and people engagement, helping you become strategic in your career for creating relationships and interactions to build up the individual and add organisational value to your place of work.



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